Love at First Sight Could Be Real


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Love, at first sight, sounds like a myth to many whiles to some; it’s an absolute workable miracle of some sort. The whole idea is based on the saying that love is blind and therefore, at first sight, logic and sense do not matter as long as the feeling of that great desire and admiration has been stirred and blossomed into a strong affection. This feeling may be mutual or just within one individual who latter persuades the other person to awaken a similar feeling in them.

They say that the sense of being loved and being able to love back that person with an equal measure of affection is the greatest experience in one’s life. Everyone in this planet craves for the desire to feel important, and one way of feeling this is by knowing you are loved and could never be replaced by anyone or anything regardless of its value. The joy and happiness drawn from this knowledge are priceless, and one that everyone wants even it is Hitler or that public enemy number one.

Many are times when relationships are built upon these particular feelings, and they develop into real long-time marriages and the typical fairy tale happy ending. However, we have others that after some time, they turn sour leading to separations and hatred between two people that one’s seemed to be deeply in love. Nature rules that everything has an end, even this great universe of ours that seem so indestructible, however, the question remains, does true love has an ending?

Marital and relationship experts have summed up a few reasons that often cause the once bright beams of love to end. Some of the primary reasons include:

· Lack of proper communication

· Having hidden benefits

· Financial problems

· Ego and inability to feel equally accountable for the relationship

Therefore, we can precisely conclude that love only dies when neglected, this is because, from the above-outlined factors, all are based on the human action where one decides either to do or not do something that is essential. The real love that attracted this two together bears the neglect, and it runs out leaving a lacuna that could only be filled with a similar feeling from the heart, and that is hate.

The world now, where we stand many people cannot fathom the real meaning of true love, one that is commonly associated with love at first sight, one that never grows old, never knows race or face, one that is unconditional. We, therefore, need to pay much attention to our hearts and learn to love it, endeavor to give your all and focus on making that special someone feel that important.

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Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels


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