The Blessing of the Love of Kindness


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KINDNESS sees in the distance a small thing to be done, a gift of love, and having done it, shies away from any credit, getting on with its day, eyes peeled for a new opportunity.

Kindness dreams of possibilities that God might visit by His Presence; it craves God in the ordinary and in the real.

Everyone loves kindness, except those bystanders who are threatened by its power. Still, a kindness done for that threatened person wins their heart, and timing is crucial.

Kindness is a timely blessing. It has maximum impact when the person receiving it is momentarily needy. And it softens that person’s heart, for they’ve been loved, which is to be met, in their vulnerable moment. (See how unkindness hurts most when we’re vulnerable?)

To that end, it could be rejected when the person who’s offered it is ‘strong’ (in their own strength). But the humble receive the love of kindness in the love it’s intended.

Humility engenders kindness, because humility sees from another’s viewpoint, but through the kind person’s eyes. And, oh what a blessed freedom it is, to be focused away from one’s needy self!

Kindness is helped by a certain blindness to the distractions of context; sometimes context tells us not to help – ‘that all will be okay, and don’t concern yourself.’ And yet, context piques kindness and inspires it to be innovative.

Whatever the situation of any of our lives, we can all do with the receipt of kindness, just as we’ll all be benefited from doing a well-directed kindness that occurs just in time.

Be kind: we never really know what burden our kindness may ultimately relieve. Kindness turns small things done into big blessings experienced.

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Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels


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